Blaz Gallegos has been a tech nerd for Internet Marketers for over ten years. He has worked with some of the top guys in the industry including Richard Geller, Scott Meyers, Lee Arnold, Doug Ottersberg and more. He started out as being the jack of all trades; webmaster, CRM manager (Infusionsoft, 1shoppingcart, Premium Web Cart), video and audio editing etc. In the  past 5 years he has become a master of one… Infusionsoft. In the spring of 2016 he started SonrisaTech in order to help other Internet Marketers with their Infusionsoft account. “Infusionsoft requires someone with a programming mindset, most Internet Marketers are great with marketing. I like to help with them with programming Infusionsoft so they can be successful and focus on what they do best , which is marketing and running their business” Blaz Gallegos